How To Choose The Best Portable Electric Stove For Safe And Even Cooking

Let me just start by saying, this is by far the coolest thing that has ever happened in my own kitchen.

The best portable electric stove officially landed in my own kitchen just recently and it’s amazing! As we all know, a portable electric stove is a far cry from all other cooking machinery. For one, it doesn’t involve engendering heat to bring water to its boiling point or perhaps cook raw meat through transference to a receptacle. What it does, though, is use the container itself to transform it into a generator where the electromagnetic field can produce heat to boil water, cook raw ingredients, and just be the most awesome thing that has ever happened in my kitchen.

It’s indeed my thing to compare, check the label, and know for sure before I run to the counter with a product in my hands. And these are the 5 best portable electric stoves that I’ve considered before buying the best one for me.

I mean, doesn’t that sound cool to you? A powerful high-frequency electromagnetism courtesy of the ever-so-sophisticated Science has enabled a safer way of cooking. A cast –iron skillet is compatible to make the magnetic field generate transference of energy into the skillet. You have to know these things before deciding.

Top 5 Best Portable Electric Stoves 2017




My Ratings 



8 lbs.



6.5 lbs.



1 lb.



8.2 lbs.



1.9 lbs.

What The Best Offers

There are surely tons of advantages that you can get when you buy the best portable electric stove on the market. You definitely lessen the chances of frequent maintenance checks and  lots of other good things. You deserve what your hard-earned money can buy and you deserve the very best.

The Great Things You Get When You Get The Best

  • It's way cheaper than installing your kitchen with lines for a gas stove and oven
  • And don’t even get me started with cleaning. I can just wipe the smooth top and voila! Even the surface underneath and all its parts are so easy to clean. 
  • Since a portable electric stove is run by electricity, you can expect even heating. And with even heating comes even better dishes! Even baking is easy with this thing, too!
  • It cooks faster than a stove—twice as fast to be exact—which means you get to save energy and make the most out of it. I mean, come on, that’s awesome!
  • This is another factor for me—safety. It only heats up the part the container touches and makes sure the remaining area is as cool as it can be. Gas will never ever leak and zero explosion because of it. I feel so safe already.
  • Another feature of the portable electric stove is that you can take it with you whenever and wherever you go.
  • This is ideal for people with small kitchen space or minimalists who want to make sure everything looks neatly organized.

The Negative Points

To better compare with the idea and to come up with the most suitable decision that will benefit you and your family, it’s only fair for you to know the possible disadvantages as well.

  • S’mores may not be perfect to cook on an electric stove without an open flame.
  • When there’s power outage, you can’t make it work as well.
  • You need to have the pots and pans it needs to make the generating of electromagnetic field work.

How To Spot The Best

  • The best should be energy efficient. A portable electric stove is ~80% efficient compares to ~41% of gas. It’s definitely much better to consume than gas. And it cooks twice as fast so you get to save more.
  • The induction or portable electric stove is easy to clean. With just paper towels, you can clean the ceramic smooth top in case any ingredients or grease spills on the cooking top. It’s very easy to tidy up.
  • It should be safe around the kids.
  • It shouldn’t contribute much heat to the kitchen atmosphere.
  • It should have a digital timer and other important features such as set-and-forget, grilling, and baking.
  • Friendly to our Mother Earth. The portable electric stove is energy-efficient and thus, it’s not harmful to our environment. So there’s no need to worry if you are a green advocate.

5 Best portable Electric Stove reviews

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5. IMUSA USA GAU-80305 1100W Electric Single Burner

Black in color, this electric stove could be perfect for small kitchens. The only downside is that the main cooking top is not flat on the rest of the surface, which could be good for those who prefer it.



  • It’s portable so you can bring it anywhere you wish to cook.
  • It has a power indicator light, which is helpful for safety when using it.
  • It has ‘Slim Space Saving Design’ and does not consume too much space in the kitchen or wherever you put it.
  • The unit has a tendency to cycle off.
  • You sometime have to move the knob up higher to turn it on when it does go off.
  • It has a tendency to produce stinky smoke while using it and the fumes seem unsafe.

4. Rosewill RHAI-13001 1800W Induction Cooker Cooktop

This made it to the cut because the features are pretty great and look at the beautiful appearance of this portable electric stove.



  • It has large LED screen display.
  • It has three-hour time setting.
  • It has 8 temperature options for better cooking.
  • There could be some items with wattage lower button easily broken.

3. Waring SB30 1300-Watt Portable Single Burner

This is yet again another useful portable electric stove with amazing features. It’s safe to use, can fit perfectly in your house, and more!



  • It has a durable cast-iron plate that heats up speedily and guarantees even heating.
  • 1300-watt portable single burner has extra heating options for your own discretion.
  • It has a full year of warranty if anything—God forbid—goes wrong.
  • It has non-slip rubber feet to ensure stable cooking and easy to clean features as well.
  • It has a tendency to release fumes and heats up after the cooking.
  • It has a tendency to overshoot the temperature target and needs a careful cooking attention just to be sure that the food won’t turned out too fried out or even toasted to black.
  • Its central heating element is a bit small.
  • It automatically shuts off when it gets too hot.

2. Secura 8100MC 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner

Almost the top on the list! Secura 8100 MC 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner made almost all of its loyal customers five-star happy!



  •  You can use stainless steel with a magnetic bottom or even cast iron.
  • It uses standard electricity of 120 volts, 15 amps of electricity.
  • Light in weight, easy to carry and bring anywhere or store when not in use.
  • Shut the unit automatically after 60 seconds of not detecting any cookware on top of it.
  • It has a tendency to heat up the pan very fast.
  • The controls can get a bit hot too while cooking. And it requires care maneuvering the controls, too.
  • The central heating is a bit small for some pans and heavy cooking as well.

1. BergHOFF Commercial Grade 1800 Watt Portable Touch Screen Induction Cooktop Stove

Now, finally! The top of the list! Great cooks and great-cooks-at-heart, here it is! The BergHOFF Commercial Grade 1800 Watt Portable Touch Screen Induction Cooktop Stove, Single Countertop Burner! Check out why this is the top of the list.



  • It is 70% more efficient than any regular gas stove.
  • It uses 50% less electricity.
  • It can boil water twice as fast than regular stoves.
  • It only heats on cookware which is also a safety feature.
  • It automatically shuts off after 60 seconds of being dull.
  • Light in weight and easy to carry around wherever you want.
  • No cons

Aren’t these features awesome? Imagine having it in your kitchen and not having to worry about the portable electric stove heating up too much and you get burnt by accidentally touching it. I like it because I adore moving things around every now and then. It could be in the south of my kitchen or north the following week. I like to experiment with the position of my things at home—be it furniture or cooking machinery.

With BergHOFF 1800W, I had no problem with its weight or if it would mess with the installation that we’ve worked hard in the past, or that it won’t look accordingly nice with the rest of my kitchen. I like the style, the design, and the fact that great dishes are easy to do with the even easier and simpler steps to make the best electric stove function. I don’t know about you but for me, it would require something heavenly to top that.

Why BERGHOFF 1800W is The Best?

I know I’ll just be repeating myself but these are the main reasons why I choose BergHOFF 1800 Watt. You should pick BergHOFF because of its features, its safe use, and you can take it from the experience of the loyal customers who stuck with it after testing it out. You don’t have to worry about overheating or malfunctioning.

I chose it because I know its functions. I like how it looks, how easy it is to store, how I don’t have to worry about any issue of it getting broke easily too much or letting out smokes. I know I can let my kids linger in the kitchen while I cook for them.

I know it gets a bit hard to decide on your own and just listen to experiences but believe me—I’ve experienced a lot already when it comes to picking the best portable electric stove for the best cooking experience. It was pretty crazy. I burnt a little on my right hand and got all messy with cooking. I had to be hospitalized because of it.

Since then, I know what I want when it comes to picking the right electric stove and I don’t regret because picky at all. I mean, it’s absolutely your right to choose what you consider as the best for you and for your family. No one will ever be able to hold it against you.


So, there it is, folks! You just have to decide which one is the best for you. But as for my house, and me, it’s the BergHOFF 1800 Watt not only because it won my heart completely but also because it makes me feel safe. I don’t have to worry about safety and that’s the biggest factor to me. I know I’ve said it’s the cleaning feature but no one will replace safety over anything. And I like the fact that with BergHOFF Commercial Grade 1800 Watt Portable Touch Screen Induction Cooktop Stove, I can feel at ease.

You know what they say, people cook best when the surrounding is safe, clean, and you get the best tools around you. I mean, have you seen the Masterchef’s kitchens? Those chefs are not fooling around, clearly. Now, you don’t really have to get the most expensive equipment and turn your kitchen into a glamorous one. You can just choose wisely and you can start by picking the BergHOFF Commercial Grade 1800 Watt Portable Touch Screen Induction Cooktop Stove and it can go on a long way from there.

You can go check it out for yourself and see which one would captivate that specific part of your heart that you already offered to your kitchen. I’m excited to know about it, so just let me know in the comment section! Happy cooking!

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