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A List of Dijon Mustard Substitute to Turn Down the Heat (or Heat it Up More)

Mustard is a very popular condiment. In America, a variation of the mustard known as yellow mustard is widely used as a condiment for hot dogs and sandwiches. Aside from the yellow mustard, there is another popular variation which is called the Dijon mustard. Though many people use the Dijon, still there are people who do […]


Chop Suey vs Chow Mein: A Food Face-Off

Chop suey and chow mein are two tasty foods that originated in China, though there are some that argue that chop suey is an American-Chinese cuisine. Rest assured these two food preparations have Chinese roots in them. We will examine both of these preparations in this food-face-off article so that we can see their differences and […]


Edible Flowers for Cakes and Other Things You Should Know About Them

Edible flowers used in dishes are not a new thing. Meals scattered with colorful and flavorful has been around since the ancient times. The Chinese, Greeks, and the Romans were among the first people to use flowers in their traditional meals. The use of flowers is on the rise now, not only of meals but […]


The Substitute for Ricotta Cheese List That Will Make You Forget It

Ricotta cheese or soft ricotta is one of the more popular and healthier cheese options in the world. It traditionally originates from Italy. This delightful cheese is best used as mouthwatering filling for lasagna. It can also be used in stuffed shells and as toppings for pizza. However, not many people tend to enjoy the […]