Edible Flowers for Cakes and Other Things You Should Know About Them

Edible flowers used in dishes are not a new thing. Meals scattered with colorful and flavorful has been around since the ancient times. The Chinese, Greeks, and the Romans were among the first people to use flowers in their traditional meals.

The use of flowers is on the rise now, not only of meals but also used as decorations and garnish on cakes. Here are some of the edible flowers for cakes that you can use and how you can use them to make your naked cakes really awesome.

Organic vs Edible

What is organic and what is an edible flower?

An edible flower is a flower an herb that is fit for your consumption. There are a lot of flowers that are safe to eat. They can either be grown organically or inorganically.

An organic and edible flower means that the flower was grown in a farming system which avoids the usage of insecticides, pesticides and other chemical agents. The flowers are not genetically modified and strictly the natural process of growing flowers and crops are being used in this system.

If you wish to learn more about how organic crops are grown you can visit this site.

Choosing your edible flowers

Not all edible flowers can be used for cake decorations. Before you decide and get decorating using some real flowers to your cake, read and consider the things listed below.

  • Flowers must be from a reputable source

It might be exciting to just hit your local market and ask for whatever edible flower that is available. The flowers might be edible but they might not be safe to eat. Some sources who sell edible flowers could have used pesticides, insecticides, or other chemical agents that can make you sick. 

Ask the florist, people who sell flowers, if the flowers they are selling are grown using an organic process. Ask your source as they are required to divulge if the flowers they are selling are organic or not.

You can also visit farms directly, especially greenhouse and flower nurseries to check if they are growing their flowers naturally. Also, you need to understand that even though flowers may not have the dangerous chemical agents, organic flowers can have microbes and juices in them that might irritate and affect your body.

  • Make sure flowers remain fresh

Always make sure that use only the freshest flower available. Some flowers may last up to 2 to several days after you buy them. If you are not intending to use the flowers immediately, you can keep them fresh by placing the flowers on a moist paper towel and placed them inside an airtight container. Once sealed, you can then refrigerate the flowers to extend its lifespan up to several days more

  • Choose flowers that do not have strong odors

When using flowers as garnish or decoration, it is essential that you use something that does not have a strong smell. If your choice of flower has a strong smell, the odor might stick in the cake.

  • Flowers physical structure

Don’t use flowers that have lots of thorns on it. You obviously don’t want to injure your guests with these thorns. It is often the petals of a flower that is edible so make sure to remove the leaves before using them. Also, cut the stem or stalk to the desired length before putting it on your cake.

  • Choose flowers that accentuate your cake

As flowers come in different colors and variety, it will be best for you to choose something that will complement your cake design. Plan ahead and take note of how you want your cake to look like. Check the color and the textures of your choice of flower to make sure that it will enhance your cake.

Also, before you use flowers on cakes or serve the cake to your guest, inform them that you are using edible flowers. This is to notify those who have some allergies to certain flowers and that they can avoid ingesting the flowers.

This quick guide will help you to learn more in choosing your edible flowers.

List of Edible Flowers That You Can Use

 Edible Flowers for Cakes and Other Things You Should Know About Them


Violets, as the name suggests, are little violet colored flowers that are common in most gardens. They are actually good flowers to start with if you are still trying to incorporate flowers in your cakes. Violets have a sweet perfumed flavor. They are perfect as cake garnish.

Here is a good example of using violets for cakes.

 Edible Flowers for Cakes and Other Things You Should Know About Them


Calendulas are delightful flowers to use. The taste of calendulas somewhat vary. It tends to taste from spicy to bitter, tangy to peppery. Their taste will often remind you of the taste of saffron that is why calendulas are also known as “poor man’s saffron”.

Its gold petals (the only edible part) and tangy flavor is perfectly used in this cake recipe.

 Edible Flowers for Cakes and Other Things You Should Know About Them


Another common flower is the Johnny Jump Ups. The Johnny Jump Ups looks and tastes similar to violets. Their color scheme is often yellow, white and violet. They have a sweet taste with a hint of mint wintergreen.

This Angel Cake with sour cream glaze garnished with Johnny Jump Ups is so difficult to resist.

 Edible Flowers for Cakes and Other Things You Should Know About Them


Marigolds are great edible flowers not only great for salads but also for cakes. They can be a good alternative for saffron. They are perfect complement for this very healthy carrot cake.

Edible Flowers for Cakes and Other Things You Should Know About Them


Nasturtiums are mid-size flowers with wide petals. They usually have a sunset yellow color. Among the list of edible flowers, the nasturtium can be considered as one the most common. You can use the entire flower as garnish or decoration. Nasturtiums have a sweet and peppery flavor.

This video shows how nasturtiums can effectively be used in a wedding cake.

Edible Flowers for Cakes and Other Things You Should Know About Them


Roses are the most popular flowers in the world. Almost anyone, whether man or woman, understand a rose’s value. However not everyone knows they can be eaten as well.

Depending on the variety and where the rose comes from, its taste will vary. The taste of strawberries and green apples will be the first thing on your mind once you eat roses. Before eating roses though or using it on your cake, make sure to remove the white part on its petals. This part tastes bitter.

Here is a great example to make roses sweeter and better cake garnish.

Final Verdict

Creativity and an imaginative mind will bring you faraway. By using these edible flowers on your cake recipes you will surely be satisfied with your creations. You will also grab the attention of your guests with the way you use the flowers not only to make your cakes look good but to enhance its taste as well.

Have you tried cakes or food with edible flowers before? How was it like? Are there flowers that you want to try?

If you have other flowers in mind but are not on this list, you can check this comprehensive list of edible flowers that you can use.

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