Magic Mutable Sweetness Cheese Cake

Sometimes I would eat the dessert that is cloud- gentle and mildly sweet. I’ve found excellent decision: cheese cake with jam. As a base of the cake I use thin angel cake, and cottage cheese-based jelly as a filling. You can change sweetness of this cake adding different jams as the topping. Also you can try chocolate topping. So this cake is perfect choice for any taste and preference.

For this cake you need the ingredients, mixer, round cake pan 20-26 cm in diameter, baking oven and fridge.


For the top of the cake:

Cottage cheese 300 g

15% Cream 100 g

Sugar 80 g

1 tsp vanilla extract

Rapidly dissolving gelatine 25 g + hot water 50-100g

Your favorite topping (jam, chocolate icing, etc.)


For the dough:

2 eggs

Flour 100 g

Sugar 100 g

1 tablespoon of sugar

50 grams of water for syrup


First of all, I need classic angel cake, but ingredients are half as mach as regularly because I like thin layer for this dessert. In a mixing bowl beat up well 2 eggs with a mixer until light yellow foam. Add sugar and continue whisking. Now fold in flour.


Obtained batter should be rather liquid to pour easily into a cake pan. I butter the pan before putting the batter in to prevent adhering.

Put the pan with the batter in the oven preheated to 180 degrees for 10-15 minutes.When the angel cake is cooling down, I prepare the top of my cake.

angel cake

How to make my top layer:

In a mixing bowl I combine cottage cheese, cream and sugar, and vanilla. I don’t add much sugar as the topping brings main sweetness. The dessert tastes perfectly even without the topping, add more sugar in this case. When cheese-sugar mixture is whisked with the mixer and looks smooth, I add dissolved gelatine. Instead of gelatine you can add vegetarian agar agar at the same ratio as gelatine.

cottage cheese cream and sugar and vanilla
cheese sugar mixture

You will see how fast the mixture is getting jelly-like. Now, put the cream into the fridge and watch the moment of setting. In the fridge our cheese dessert shall cool down to rather tough condition, but it shall not freeze completely, because you need to place it on the top of the angel cake.

While the cheese filling is cooling down, soak cooled angel cake with the syrup (water plus sugar).


Place the cooled cheese jelly over the wet angel cake, smooth the top as evenly as possible and refrigerate for 2-3 hours until the cake is ready to serve.

My tip: for cake assembling, it is better to take the same cake pan as you have used for baking. Doing so, you’ll get the perfect shape of the cake.

cheese jelly

I serve this cake with my favorite raspberry jam, but actually it is good with any topping.

This cake is really easy to make, because you don’t need assemble a lot of layers. But the main advantage is possibility to regulate the sweetness to your taste. Also, cream taste varies every time depending on the finishing touch that is topping.

Magic mutable sweetness cheesecake 1

Hope you enjoy it and share the recipe with family.

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