Dilesia’s In-depth Guide to Most Comfortable Chef Shoes: 5 Great Brands Reviewed

Working as a chef in a restaurant is very challenging because you have to stand all day to manage the kitchen. What’s worse is you have to walk on a slippery ground when liquid gets spilled on the floor accidentally.

These are the reasons why you need to wear the most comfortable chef shoes possible.

According to a Manhattan orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Jerry Lubliner, you must choose a well cushioned shoe if you stand for long hours. You can find the best chef shoes for men by reading the reviews below.

Top 5 Most Comfortable Chef Shoes

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Difference Between Chef Shoes And Other Shoes

Ever wonder what sets chef shoes apart from all other shoes on the market? Learn the difference between types of shoes from the table below.

Chef shoes

Other shoes



Attractive design



Based on the table above, we can tell that chef shoes are meant for comfort while other shoes are meant for fashion. While both shoes offer protection to the feet, chef shoes offer more protection since they are specially built to support your feet as you stand all day in the kitchen.

Chef shoes are more lightweight and safe than other shoes. Have you noticed that most chef shoes have no laces? They are designed that way so that you can slip them on your feet easily.

How To Choose The Most Comfortable Chef Shoes

best chef clog shoes

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Choosing the best chef shoes for men is very hard due to the great number of brands available on the market now. To help you choose the best brand, follow these guidelines.

1. Get The Right Fit

Before buying the right chef shoes for you, consider the size of your feet and choose the brand that gives the right fit. You don’t want to wear shoes that are either too large or too small for your feet, do you? According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AACS), wearing unfit shoes may result in several toe deformities, including bunions, corns, and hammer toes.

If you are buying from physical stores, try the chef shoes first before buying. You can walk in them for a few minutes to make sure that your toes are not cramped up. As much as possible, choose a deeper toe box design to give ample room for toes.

However, if you are buying them online, choose the size that fits right on your feet. You can get the right size of your feet by measuring both their length and width. After that, use the size of the larger foot to get the proper fit.

2. Get The Right Design

Clogs are marketed as the best choice for people who work in the kitchen, like chefs. However, not all comfort shoes are guaranteed too give you with comfort because some might actually change the way you walk.

According to an orthopedic surgeon at Duke University Health System Selene Parekh, you must choose a shoe that gives great ankle support and best accommodates your foot condition. For instance, if you have bunions, choose a shoe with a large box-shaped toe design.

Most chef shoes are made in slip-on designs so that they’ll be easy to wear. However, there are those who prefer laces because they keep their shoes securely attached to their feet. Actually, either of these designs is fine. What matters most is that you feel no pain when wearing them.

Some of the best chef shoes for men provide a higher cushion near the ankle. Some designs provide low cuts while others offer high heels. If you want more comfort, choose the low cut shoe designs. However, if you are seeking more protection against spills and better balance, opt for a higher heel shoe design. No matter what you choose, it all depends on what you personally prefer.

3. Budget

Now, that you have streamlined the list of brands that give you the right size and design for your feet, it is time to evaluate your budget. Make sure that you choose the right brand that meets within your budget.

You should search as much as possible for chef shoes that provide the best quality at the lowest price. It might not be right to settle for cheap kitchen shoes that provide poor quality. Always look for quality over price.

What Must You Look For In Good Chef Shoes?

If you want to consider buying a good pair of comfortable chef shoes for your work, consider the following factors.

1. Comfort And Cushion

The first thing you should look for in a good kitchen shoe is comfort. Make sure that your feet won’t hurt while you’re wearing them to avoid the risk of foot injuries. Look for chef shoes with great light padding so that your feet won’t hurt while standing for long hours. In addition, you must look for chef shoes with thick platforms and a little bit of heel to protect your feet from the hard kitchen floor.

2. Durable And Lightweight Construction

When buying some good kitchen shoes, always look for durability. Make sure that the stitches are well made and the material used is resilient against moisture. Leather may be durable, but it is heavy and susceptible to moisture. On the other hand, synthetics are lightweight and they may last long if not exposed to sunlight. Personally, I prefer synthetics over leather because they are lighter and easy to clean.

3. Anti-skid Sole

Another feature to look for in a good kitchen shoe is an anti-skid sole. This type of sole is highly desired because it helps in navigating through slippery kitchen floors easily. You can tell that the shoes have a good grip on the floor if their soles are designed with deep grooves. Look for chef shoes with an anti-slip feature to be sure.

4. Arch Support

One of the major causes of foot pain is standing for long hours all day. The best way to prevent this foot problem is to wear shoes with great arch support. However, if you have flat feet, look for chef shoes with a minimal height of arch support so that you won’t injure your feet.

5. Shock Absorption

This feature is much preferred if you’re looking for some good kitchen shoes because it protects your joints from wearing out easily. When you walk, the impact of your feet on the floor sends a shock to your joints. This is why you must look for chef shoes with shock absorbing qualities.

Benefits Of Using Comfortable Chef Shoes In The Kitchen

It is important to wear comfortable chef shoes in the kitchen because they can protect your feet from falling objects and liquid spills.

You can see the importance of proper kitchen shoes in this video:

Since working in the kitchen requires you to stand all day, you may be at risk of certain health hazards, such as lower limb disorders, circulatory problems, and hypertension. This is why wearing the most comfortable chef shoes is essential in the kitchen. By wearing the most comfortable kitchen shoes, you lessen the stress experienced by your feet. As a result, you might be able to do your job in the kitchen more efficiently than ever.

Top 5 Most Comfortable Chef Shoes

Last update on 2018-02-19 at 15:23 - More info
Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on Amazon.com at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

Reviews of the Top 5 Best Chef Shoes For Men

I have chosen 5 of the best chef shoes for men on the market for your selection. Check out their pros and cons, and find out which among them fits your needs.

1. Crocs Unisex Specialist Clog

These chef shoes are made of synthetic materials. They feature a classic clog design which allows you to slip on them easily. They are constructed with a closed heel and toe design to meet workplace policies. Their loose fit design enables your feet to bend while the metatarsal areas are made with thicker materials to shield the top part of your feet. Moreover, they have great gripping soles and massaging footbeds for comfort.


  • Improved arch support
  • Customize fit through their exclusive Croslite materials
  • ​​Comfortable and functional
  • ​​Odor-resistant and slip resistant
  • ​Easy to clean and slip-on
  • Affordable


  • Unattractive design
  • ​Only slip resistant on dry floors
  • ​Soles easily wears out
  • The bent top design strains the toes
  • Oversized and loosely fit for those with narrow feet

2. Townfrost for Men’s Slip and Oil Resistant Eamon Shoes Non Slip

The Townfrost Eamon shoes received the highest level of Slip Test by Intertek. They are specially made for people working in restaurants, due to their effective anti-slip features. These shoes are made with leather and designed with round toes. Full laces are designed on the front for better foot attachment.


  • Affordable
  • ​Great slip resistance ability
  • ​​Good shock absorption qualities
  • ​​Lightweight and comfortable
  • Fashionable


  • Seems easily comes apart
  • ​Poor foam padding
  • ​​Frail construction
  • ​​The front part is too tight
  • Size is too small and narrow

3. Dansko Men’s Karl Box Leather Clog

This leather clog is made of a rubber sole and a polyurethane outsole. Its platform measures around 0.75 inches. It is an easy-slip on clog with a padded instep for comfort. It even keeps your feet smelling nice due to its anti-microbial lining. Meanwhile, its anti-slip tread offers reliable traction.


  • Slip and odor resistant
  • ​Thick platforms
  • ​Good quality and stitch construction
  • ​Lightweight and comfortable
  • Comfortable if you found the right fit
  • Easy to clean


  • Size runs small and narrow
  • ​Not fit for wide feet
  • ​Leather upper is hard
  • ​No cushions on the insole

4. Klogs Men’s Edge Comfort Slip On Open Back Casual Clog (EDITOR'S CHOICE)

Enjoy great comfort with Klogs Edge clog. This lightweight clog is made of polyurethane upper that you can easily sanitize with water and soap. This works great for those standing for long hours daily. The polyurethane sole is built with oil and slip resistance. The removable footbed is antimicrobial and keeps your feet smelling fresh all day.


  • Slip resistant and oil resistant
  • ​​Shock absorbent
  • ​​Lightweight and comfortable
  • ​​Good arch support
  • ​Keeps your feet dry and smelling nice
  • Removable insoles are softly cushioned
  • Slightly thick platforms


  • Size runs small
  • Slightly narrow

5. MOZO Men’s The Natural Canvas Slip Resistant Comfort Lace-Up Sneaker

The Natural Canvas sneaker is made with a combination of textile and leather. Its sole is made of rubber and has good traction against slippery floors. It is built with a gel insole fit and integrated cushioning for comfort. Its gusseted tongue is made to resist against water. A mid-cut lace-up design completes the whole look of this sneaker.


  • Leather upper offers a sturdy design
  • ​​Water-resistant tongue
  • ​​Fashionable
  • ​Comfortable


  • Slip resistance fades in time
  • ​Lacks arch support
  • Canvas retains moisture

Bottom Line

Among the 5 best chef shoes for men reviewed above, the Klogs Men’s Edge Comfort Slip On Open Back Casual Clog wins as the most comfortable chef shoes. This is because it has met most of the factors that must be considered when looking for a good kitchen shoe.

First, the Edge Comfort offers comfort and protection through its soft cushioning of the footbed. It also has a slight platform that elevates your feet from the hard kitchen floor.

Second, it has a lightweight design and its polyurethane construction doesn’t mold and expand your feet like leathers do.

Third, this product has the following important features: shock absorbent, slip-resistant, and good arch support.

The Edge Comfort beats Crocs and Dansko in terms of shock absorbent and cushion qualities. While the Edge Comfort has great arch support features, MOZO Men’s The Natural Canvas sneaker has none. The Townforst Eamon shoes may have reached the highest level of Slip Test by Intertek but the Edge Comfort is more durable.

The size may run small for the Edge Comfort clog, but getting the right size will do the trick. If you are size 5, add 2 to get the right fit for you. Therefore, the Edge Comfort is the clear winner in this review, and might be your best choice for standing all day in the kitchen.

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