The 72 Top Bloggers in the Baking Game You’ll Love To Read

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The fresh pastry is something to die for.

Especially when you try it freshly out of the oven, cooled just to be perfect, with a mesmerizing aroma and fabulous crunch.

Oh, I could ramble about pastry for hours.

And there’s no better time to live in than now, when the creative minds all over the world create the fantastic pastry wonders that make you almost lick the screen, leave everything you’re doing and just go get that perfection.

With the power of the internet, we are able to find the latest and most interesting recipes from around the world, and the best place for that are the baking blogs.

I’m so into baking blogs guys, I could browse through them for hours without getting tired. There are so many fantastic things going on around, that sometimes I feel like I’m missing out!

That’s why I decided to make a list of top baking blogs and have it for myself and all of you guys who can’t get enough of baking love.

Some of them are my dear friends, some I’ve found while googling for some recipes, and some just popped out in my news feed on Facebook.

This way, I’ll compile the list of baking blogs you need to follow right now and always return to it when I’m in a need for something new and exciting. I will list a blog, and say a word or two about the owner/s and the blog itself so you can sort the blogs by your preference while you browse. Everybody wins.

Here’s my ultimate list of baking blogs to follow (currently 72, feel free to help me add more), without any particular order:


1. I Am Baker

Connect with Amanda:

Amanda Rettke is a person who believes that everyone has the potential to be a great baker and gladly promotes this philosophy through her recipes and writings. If you've always wanted to bake but always had a fear of starting, then I Am Baker might give you the necessary motivation. Her unique, interesting and inspiring website is a great place for anyone looking for a good read.

2. The Vanilla Bean Blog

Connect with Sarah:

Sarah Kieffer, hailing from Minneapolis, Minnesota, is the founder of The Vanilla Bean Blog. She transfers her love for baking, mixed with warm family atmosphere and a tinge of pleasant nostalgia into beautifully written recipes. Her work has been featured on many notable websites including The New York Times and Huffington Post to name a few. 

3. Top With Cinnamon

Connect with Izy:

At only 19 years old, Izy Hossack, a young girl from London has managed to become one of the most respected food bloggers worldwide. She likes science and therefore frequently experiments with recipes, constantly creating something wonderful and original. Her blog Top With Cinnamon was awarded by Saveur Magazine in 2014, and she has a rapidly growing fan base ever since.

4. Smitten Kitchen

Connect with Deb:

If home-style recipes and cooking are what you're into than Smitten Kitchen might have everything you'll ever need. The website contains a great variety of recipes for all kinds of foods. From bread to pickled veggies, over to baked goods, Deb covers it all. Another sweet feature of the site is the ‘In Season' section where you can always see what's fresh and good to eat right now.

5. Joy The Baker

Connect with Joy:

A California native, now New Orleans resident, Joy loved to hang around the kitchen when her dad was preparing all kinds of goodies. Her love for baking has deep roots in her childhood, so she decided to pursue a career in this field. She is also an avid photographer and has published a sweet and savory recipes cookbook. This is one serious and dedicated person!

6. Minimalist Baker

Connect with Dana:

Minimalist Baker is a blog name that perfectly describes its contents – simple meals and pastries made with less than ten ingredients. Dana is the founder of this website, and being lactose intolerant, she likes to make meals that are dairy-free. She went a step further though and now focuses on mostly plant-based, gluten-free recipes so people with special dietary needs can enjoy delicious foods as well.

7. Cookie And Kate

Connect with Kate:

Kate is a lady who is crazy about food, cooking, and baking. She is a full-time blogger and is extremely passionate about her work which can be seen by the quality of her blog. Her approach to cooking is fun, creative and experimental, while always choosing sustainable, real food that provides good nutrition for the body. Foodies and people curious about good recipes will love this page.

8. David Lebovitz

Connect with David:

David has been working in restaurants around California since the age of sixteen, which enabled him to acquire a lot of experience along the way. Now a resident of Paris, he blogs, writes books, and of course - bakes. His website is filled with recipes from all around the world, as well as recommendations for restaurants in Paris, and much more good stuff.

9. Bakerella

Connect with Angie:

If you have ever heard of cupcake pops, then you should also know that they were created by Angie, the mastermind behind Bakerella. Her colorful blog focuses on the fun and easy side of baking, and there you will find many cake, cupcake, pie, brownie, etc. recipes. All in all, this is one super-creative and joyful blog worth paying a visit.

10. Brown Eyed Baker

Connect with Michelle:

Michelle is a Pittsburgh native who openly claims that it is totally OK to eat dessert first. We couldn't agree more, and if you think the same way, this is a blog that might interest you. Besides all the indulgent baking recipes (e.g. homemade Snickers!), Michelle writes about savory meals, life stories and shares photo diaries of her and the family.

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11. Sally’s Baking Addiction

Connect with Sally:

If there is ever a positive connotation to the word ‘addiction’ than it must be in this context. Sally loves to cook, more precisely bake, and she writes about it all the time too. Her amazing blog is packed with brilliant recipes divided by seasons, types of ingredients used, and food categories, so it is indeed quite easy to find what you need.

12. Cream Puffs in Venice

Connect with Ivonne:

Ivonne Mellozi comes from Toronto, Ontario, and having Italian roots usually means that homemade food is a huge part of family life. This was the case in Ivonne’s upbringing, and summers in Italy with her grandmother sparked her love for baking and cooking. Now, her travels and interests inspire her recipes which she shares on Cream Puffs in Venice.

13. The Boy Who Bakes

Connect with Edd:

After studying politics at the University, Edd Kimber had a realization that the corporate world is not for him. Instead, he decided to pursue a career in baking, writing and this has worked out well for him. After winning the first series of The Great British Bake-off, he has published three cookbooks, has been featured in magazines, as well as TV shows.

14. Not Quite Nigella

Connect with Lorraine:

Lorraine Elliott, an Australian lady, is a former media strategist turned full-time blogger, and she has been going strong ever since 2009. She is definitely not Nigella, but her skills in the kitchen easily put her in the same rank as the famed chef. Her blog is full of creative, exotic recipes and photographs from locations all over the world (yes, she loves to travel too).

15. Call Me Cupcake

Connect with Linda:

Linda's love for cupcakes became a doorway to the baking world. Even though she wasn't a big expert, she started a baking blog in 2009, and this fueled her passion, interest and the amount of work in the kitchen. She is also a visual artist, and her mesmerizing food photographs will leave you scrolling her website for hours. This is a unique and wonderful blog.

16. Raspberri Cupcakes

Connect with Steph:

This is a blog for all those who like to indulge in baked goods of all kids. Steph Hool is a Sydney based food blogger, who started writing out of her love for food and eventually decided to focus on baking. She experiments with innovative recipes and creates amazing looking pieces of food. The blog focuses on sweets, but there are a few savory meals thrown in the mix as well. 

17. Desserts with Benefits

Connect with Jessica:

The name of this blog is a clever way to say that the dessert recipes found on this website are actually good for you. Jessica is baker, blogger, photographer and fitness enthusiast who couldn’t pull out her sweet tooth, so she founds ways to make healthy desserts. If homemade protein bars and whole-grain pancakes are your thing, then you won’t be disappointed with this one.

18. SprinkleBakes

Connect with Heather:

When it comes to desserts, Heather is a true mad scientist, meaning that her recipes are unique, creative and amazing in every possible sense. This blogger, pastry chef, photographer, and author, is on a mission to spread the good word of baked products and make others rejoice. All those in need of some inspiration in the kitchen must check this website out.

19. Lovin’ the Oven

Connect with Kim:

Kim is a girl who loves to eat; she doesn't hide it, in fact, she shares this passion with the world through her blog Lovin’ the Oven. The website focuses not only on baking but also on easy-to-make meals. In between all the food talk and amazing photography, you will also find some life stories and read about things from Kim's interesting perspective.

20. The Sugar Hit

Connect with Sarah:

Inspired by comic book visuals, Sarah created The Sugar Hit to express and share her love for food. While being mostly a baking blog, The Sugar Hit contains some great savory recipes as well. Sarah possesses an impressive, encyclopedic knowledge of cooking and all this reflects in the incredible food that she can prepare. This is a site worth checking out.

21. Apt. 2B Baking Co.

Connect with Yossy:

If you want to see photos of food that look as good (or better!) as the food tastes, then you mustn’t miss Apt. 2b Baking Co. Yossy Arefi is a photographer and baker who is based in Brooklyn, and she is very good at both of her professions. The site is full of baking classics like blueberry tarts, but also doesn’t shy away from innovative and interesting recipes.

22. My Baking Addiction

Connect with Jamie:


Jamie is a self-confessed baking addict who eats too much sugar, and so her decided to share her "problem" with the world. Her blog My Baking Addiction contains a bunch of exciting recipes, as well as all the basics and fundamentals of baking that you need to know. If you have a sweet tooth, you will most likely love this blog.

23. Hint Of Vanilla

Connect with Megan:


Megan is a pastry chef from Vancouver who loves to bake and blog about it. This lady has some serious skill, and it is displayed well on the website. Hint Of Vanilla is full of various baking recipes, and the blog mainly promotes foods that are more challenging to prepare. There is more to baking than just cupcakes and Megan spreads this message well.

24. Butter and Brioche

Connect with Thalia:

Thalia Ho is a baker, blogger and avid traveler who knows her way with words. In the lines of her beautiful writing, you can find classic; French style treats recipes, as well as life and travel stories. Thalia pours her soul into her baking and thus shares a little piece of her with every new pastry. Inspiring, beautiful and unique.

25. L’Ultima Fetta

Connect with Lucia:


What do time, patience and waiting have to do with baking? They have everything to do with it, and Lucia Carniel teaches us about this wisdom on her wonderful blog. Her website L’Ultima Fetta contains all kinds of baked goods recipes, and anyone who is interested in this area of cooking will adore this blog. The photos aren't half bad either!

26. The Pastry Department

Connect with Dana:


This blog is a place where a bunch of pastry chefs converges to share their experience, knowledge, and passion for baking. Once solely written by Dana Cree, this website is now a platform for many other industry professionals and people alike. Besides this, you can find a lot of interesting baking recipes peculiarly categorized as ‘Fruity,' ‘Nutty,' ‘Cakey,' and so on.

27. Butter Baking

Connect with Natasha:

Natasha, the girl behind Butter Baking, ditched her career in public relations to follow her biggest passion in life – baking. Now she is a pastry chef and custom cake designer operating in Melbourne, and she kindly shares quality information about all things dessert related. Her blog has a lot of recipes, travel stories, and great instruction videos as well as other great stuff.

28. Baker Bettie

Connect with Bettie:

Some people claim that baking is a science, and Bettie agrees with this statement. She runs her blog as a kind of baking school, providing helpful and necessary information for anyone interested in this craft. You can find tutorials, videos, instructions and many, many recipes, and all of this is packed into a beautifully designed and organized website. Give it a go!

29. Baking A Moment

Connect with Allie:

Allie is a person passionate about baking so much that she spends all of her free time doing it. The kitchen is her happy place and she loves to get creative with new dessert recipes. Most of the recipes on her blog are original, but there are also many adaptations of certain classics. Baking A Moment is her chance to share her creations with the world.

30. The Little Epicurean

Connect with Maryanne:

Maryanne graduated from UCLA and then decided to go to culinary school. Luckily she did not regret the latter, and now she has a lovely blog where she writes about her baking creations. Her main focus is flour, butter, and sugar based desserts, but there are a few savory dishes to be found as well. Her travels are also well documented on the site.

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31. The Faux Martha

Connect with Melissa:

Melissa is a designer, baker, and minimalist, and her blog got its name after Martha Stewart (fun fact!). The Faux Martha is a reflection of Melissa's cooking and lifestyle, and the recipes she writes are never pretentious and always hearty and delicious. Everything is nicely explained and photographed, and fans of home style cooking will love this website for sure.

32. Dessert for Two

Connect with Christina:

If you have a weakness for sweets, you've probably found yourself tempted to eat some dessert only because you have extras sitting in the fridge. Well, Christina decided to tackle this problem, and she created dessert recipes for two people so that there is no need to worry about leftovers. Her blog is full of downscaled classic recipes and some of her own innovative creations.

33. Oh my! Sugar High

Connect with Emilie:

Emilie Pianfetti is a wife, mother, and passionate baker. As is the case with many others, she too has gotten this love for cooking from her own mom who loved to bake. Her blog focuses on dessert recipes of all kinds; cakes, bread, muffins, you name it, and you will probably find it on Emilie's site. Bakeaholics will most likely find something interesting here.

34. Baker By Nature

Connect with Ashley:

This blog is run by Ashley, a blogger, photographer, baker, and all round creative soul. She loves the kitchen and everything homemade and lives to inspire others. Besides baked goods, she also cooks savory, hearty meals makes cocktails and writes about all of it. She is also an avid traveler, so the website contains many interesting travel stories, photographs, and guides.

35. Bake or Brake

Connect with Jennifer:

Jennifer hails from the South of the US where she learned from an early age that home-baked food is, and should be an important part of everyone’s life. She started blogging in 2006 with the desire to share her simple yet delicious baking recipes with the world. On the site, you will find anything from classic sweets to her original creations.

36. Sweet 2 Eat Baking

Connect with Lisa:

Lisa is a mother of three, who suffers from a disability and therefore is not able to work. This means that she has a lot of time on her hands and luckily for you, she is an amazing baker and loves to share her creations on her blog. The recipes she likes are indulgent, delicious sweets, or in simple terms - every child’s favorite.

37. Hummingbird High

Connect with Michelle:

Did you know that baking or cooking at high altitudes is very different that doing it at sea level? Well, Michelle had to learn this lesson the hard way when she first moved to Denver, Colorado. She has since taken her favorite recipes and adapted them for proper preparation in higher altitude places, so if you find yourself cooking on a mountain check out some of her tips.

38. Chocolate Covered Katie

Connect with Katie:


If you think that eating cake for breakfast sounds too good, then think again. Katie is a master of healthy desserts, and her cakes and other baked goods will make you feel as good as they taste. Her cookbook and Instagram page are highly praised, and her vegetarian recipes will leave you wanting for more. Do not miss the chance to visit her fantastic website.

39. Half Baked Harvest

Connect with Tieghan:

Whole foods, seasonal ingredients, and simple life are the key words of this blog. Tieghan is a girl who comes from a big family, and she has learned to cook by helping her mom out. Now, she lives in an amazing converted barn house and blogs about everything from comfort foods, to healthy meals and sweet, sweet desserts. She also has a cookbook coming out in 2017.

40. Annie’s Eats

Connect with Annie:

Annie is a physician from Indianapolis who loves to spend time in the kitchen. She is a self-taught cook and loves to write about the foods she creates. Her blog is full of all kinds of recipes; from appetizers to desserts, you can find it all. Annie also enjoys taking photos, and her philosophy is that taking the time to make something by hand is well worth it.

41. Everyday Dorie

Connect with Dorie:

Even though she had infamous beginnings in the cooking world (she burned her parents kitchen when she was 12), Dorie found ways to reconcile with the kitchen and become an award-winning chef and cookbook author. Her website Everyday Dorie is packed with sweet, savory food recipes, as well as interesting travel stories and photographs. This is a unique and marvelous blog.

42. Averie Cooks

Connect with Averie:

All those interested in fast, easy and tasty recipes have to check out Averie's website. The blog has a great variety of recipes and instructions. 30-minute meals are what most readers might find interesting, but there are also baked goods and extravagant dishes to be found here. Averie has been named one of the ten best food bloggers by The Huffington Post.

43. Buns In My Oven

Connect with Karly:

Cooking for a family is hard work but it can also be extremely gratifying, and Karly is here to show you why. She writes about the meals he makes for her two kids and husband, and the recipes range from baked goods to hearty family dishes. The photos are stunning and will probably make you drool. If all this isn’t enough, there are some travel stories on the blog as well.

44. Dessert First Girl

Connect with Anita:

Anita is a person with a lifelong passion for baking as well as a full-time pastry chef. If there's anyone to take baking advice from it is a person like her. She hails from San Francisco and writes about the miracles she makes in the oven. Anything that can be baked can also be found on this blog. Anita also likes traveling and reviewing restaurants.

45. Glorious Treats

Connect with Glory:

When Glory became a mom and a full-time housewife, she had to quit her creative job as a florist, and soon found herself looking for a new outlet. She found baking and combined with her love for pretty-looking food she started to focus on decorative baking. Glorious Treats is full of recipes for food that looks as good as it tastes.

46. Pastry Affair

Connect with Kristin:

Kristin started out as an astroparticle physicist then tried to do baking full-time, and now she is a high school teacher who uses the kitchen as her creative outlet and personal laboratory. Her approach to food is rustic, meaning not perfect or precise, but nevertheless amazing and delicious. The blog is packed with great recipes so make sure to give it a go.

47. Real Baking With Rose

Connect with Rose:

Rose is such authority in the world of baking that she literally wrote the Baking Bible. She shares her expertise and her favorite recipes with the world, guiding you through each step and ingredient of the process. If you're in doubt of what equipment and tools to use for baking, Rose is the go-to person for advice about these questions.

48. Beyond Frosting

Connect with Julianne:

Julianne is an apparel designer, nature lover, and most importantly, a baker who loves being creative and sharing all of this with the world. Besides tons of interesting recipes, including ‘skinny' versions of her favorite desserts, her blog also contains tips and techniques that all baking enthusiast might find useful. Dessert is the most important meal of the day according to Julianne and if you agree, check out her site.

49. Baking With Blondie

Connect with Mandy:

Mandy Merriman a.k.a. The Blondie is the mastermind behind this blog. She loves to cook, or more precisely, bake and her recipes range from healthy desserts to savory eats as well as indulgent sweets. She is constantly trying out new recipes and applying her twist on them, all while blogging about it. If you need some seasonal baking inspiration head over to Baking With Blondie.

50. Easybaked

Connect with Ruthanne:

Baking is a science, but it doesn’t mean that it has to be complicated. Ruthanne is a former genetics lab worker who loves simplicity. She enjoys easy recipes and tries to share as many of them as possible. All those who wanted to try baking but didn’t know how to start should check out Easybaked for some great information and inspiration.

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51. Handle The Heat

Connect with Tessa:

Tessa is a woman on a mission to make the world "a little bit sweeter,“ and she is doing it one recipe at a time. Handle The Heat is a blog for folks who enjoy spending time in the kitchen, creating things from scratch and making others happy with their food. Tessa shares her recipes on the website as well as in her four books.

52. Bake And Destroy

Connect with Natalie:

Vegans around the world rejoice because Bake And Destroy is the blog for you. Of course, it's for anyone else interested in plant-based baking recipes because the site is full of them. This blog is the brain child of Natalie Slater who started blogging while on a maternity leave. All the recipes from 2011 on are 100% vegan, some of the earlier ones may have dairy or eggs.

53. The Baking Fairy

Connect with Valentina:

Valentina is an Italian-born girl turned Texan, and she doesn’t have any regrets about it. She bakes, cooks and everything in between, and she kindly shares all of her creations on The Baking Fairy. Also, if you are interested in amazing wedding cakes, or just cakes in general, Valentina makes magic in this field too. Give her website a look and see for yourself.

54. Giraffes Can Bake

Connect with Michelle:

Michelle is the creator of Giraffes Can Bake, and she is a Londoner who splits her time between her hometown and Atlanta, Georgia. Her blog offers a great variety of recipes, ranging from easy, quick and simple, to more complex and challenging bakes. Drinks and Cocktail fans will also find a lot of valuable information on this website. Worth checking out.

55. Baking Queen 74

Connect with Lucy:

Baking and slow cookers seem like an interesting combination, and if you are interested in both, then you hit the jackpot with Baking Queen74. Lucy comes from the UK, and she loves baking cakes and puddings in the slow cooker, and she is here to teach you how to do it too. Her recipes include healthy, hearty meals, baked goods and she also gives great tips.

56. Twigg Studios

Connect with Aimee:

Aimee Twigger a.k.a. Twig loves to bake and take photos what she's made. And this is good news for you because she does her job well. She cooks anything from Asian soups, roast meals to cakes and tarts of all kinds. Her photography adds a special charm to her website, and you can also follow her on Instagram if you are looking for some eye candy.

57. Bake To The Roots

Connect with Marc:

What do baking and graphic design have in common? Not much, except that Marc does both. His blog Bake To The Roots focuses on the basics and using real ingredients while still preferring the quick and easy side of baking. The recipes are plenty, and the website is well organized. Marc also has a section dedicated to his favorite cook books, so this might be helpful for a lot of beginners.

58. Erica's Sweet Tooth

Connect with Erica:

Erica is a dentist who, strangely enough, promotes sugar eating. As she claims, she is not trying to give people cavities, but she is also a victim of the sweet tooth. Her blog is packed with baking, drinks and other recipes which are alphabetically categorized. Her instructions are clear and simple, and the photographs vivid and attractive. You will surely enjoy Sweet Tooth.

59. Jane’s Patisserie

Connect with Jane:

Jane is a 24-year-old girl trying to make it in the cooking world. She is a trained and passionate chef who spends most of her time doing what she loves the most – preparing food. Baking is the main focus of her blog, and naturally, you will be able to find a bunch of cool, tasty and satisfying pastry recipes.

60. Passion For Baking

Connect with Manuela:

People who want to learn proper basics of baking and all things dessert simply have to check out this blog. Manuela is the chef and photographer behind Passion For Baking, and she pours a ton of love into each of her creations. She offers a lot of classic recipes, as well as some innovations all while providing you with useful tips.

61. Eat The Love

Connect with Irvin:

Irvin Lin is an award-winning photographer, baker, and designer among other things. His passion for baking is the foundation and lifeline of his blog Eat The Love. He believes that love is the key ingredient as much as flour and sugar. His desserts look as good as they taste and the website pack a ton of gastronomic value. Make sure to check it out.

62. Tutti Dolci

Connect with Laura:

Laura is the founder of Tutti Dolci (or ‘All Sweets’ in English), and she uses this blog as an outlet for her endless baking creativity. She also takes great photos and is quite skillful with words. The recipes she shares are mostly original creations, made with local and seasonal ingredients. Some of the foods are relatively healthy, others completely sinful, but one thing is certain – they’re all great.

63. Cookie Madness

Connect with Anna:

As the name of the website implies, Cookie Madness is about all things cookie, sugary and sweet. Anna makes great treats and gives detailed and clear instructions for them. The blog is full of recipes varying from bread to cupcakes, to pies and cakes. All those interested in making simple ( or not so simple) desserts at home will like Cookie Madness.

64. Bake Play Smile

Connect with Lucy:

Sweet, savory or in between, you name it – Lucy has it. Foodies of all sorts will certainly find something of interest on this pretty-looking, well-organized blog. Bake Play Smile even has a whole section dedicated to Thermomix recipes, making it super convenient to prepare food with this tool. Lucy also offers some meal plans and other good stuff as well.

65. Bake At 350

Connect with Bridget: 

“Cookies are made to be eaten, not to be perfect.” – This is a saying by Bridget the creator of Bake At 350, and we are sure that there are many more like-minded individuals. On the other hand, Bridget loves to decorate and make food look really good, so she brings you the best of both worlds. Her website is a collection of sweet and savory recipes, check it out!

66. Willow Bird Baking

Connect with Julie:

Willow Bird Baking is more than just a baking website; it is Julie's chance to share her story, emotions, and thoughts with the world through every single recipe. Named after her dog Willow, the blog is a fascinating collection of desserts, photographs, and heartfelt writings. Anyone who is interested in desserts or simply enjoys a good read will like this website.

67. Completely Delicious

Connect with Annalise:

Annalise is the creator of Completely Delicious, a blog where she shares her recipes and passion for baking with the world. She is almost completely self-taught and started documenting her kitchen experiments out of curiosity and fun. Now the blog boasts with a ton of amazing recipes as well as baking tips, tutorials and so on. If you have a sweet tooth, check out this site.

68. My Name Is Yeh

Connect with Molly:

Molly Yeh likes cooking, traveling, taking photos and writing about it all. She moved from Brooklyn to a small farm in North Dakota where she now resides with her husband. Of course, baking is what she is into, but she also offers a lot of other types of recipes on her website. Also, her travel stories will awaken your inner adventurer, so make sure to visit this one.

69. Bakerita

Connect with Rachel:

Rachel is the brains behind Bakerita, and this lady is a full-time blogger and of course, baker. The recipes she makes range from fully indulgent, sugary treats to gluten-free, paleo-friendly, vegan foods. The diversity of her cooking and her dedication have earned her a loyal following in the blogosphere, and if you like good bakes, you will enjoy Bakerita.

70. What Megan’s Making

Connect with Megan:

Megan is a girl who loves cooking for her husband Mike with whom she lives in Michigan. She loves to experiment with new recipes and constantly push herself to invent something extraordinary. Many will agree that she is successful in her endeavors, and her desserts look as good as they taste. This blog is for anyone who enjoys reading about food or baking in general.

71. The Pink Whisk

Connect with Ruth:

Following her participation in BBC2’s The Great British Bake Off, Ruth Clemens got a bit of fame and a chance to write for many magazines, publish a book, and create The Pink Whisk blog. Besides mouthwatering baking recipes, Ruth also offers practical tutorials and “How to” guides all wrapped up in a joyful looking website. There is a lot of good stuff to be found there!

72. Girl Versus Dough

Connect with Stephanie:

Stephanie is a self-taught baker and writer as well as mom and wife. She is conscious about nutrition and health but still baking is her passion and one small ingredient of a fulfilled life. On her blog, you can find a variety of recipes for every meal of the day and everything in between. Besides food, she also likes to write about her life stories, which makes this blog even better.

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