Write For Us – Guest Post Guidelines

Dilesia is an ever growing online resource that covers much of the culinary world. We write about food, cooking, kitchen equipment, gear reviews, technique, the basics as well as engage with restaurants and chef personalities. We absolutely love this field and would love to welcome you into what we do every single day.

We’re always scouting out talented writers to join our mission. If you’re curious about how you could possibly contribute, all you need to do is to send us a message. We’d love to hear about guest posting idea as well as other creative contributions. What’s most important is that you’ve got passion, are insane for detail, are experienced with this line of work and that you write every day. We love writers.

In order for us to consider you for contribution, you should have a strong background in what you hope to put forth, whether it be demonstrating how you go about constructing a recipe, what style of plating techniques you use, what you look for when choosing ingredients or how you would tackle some other topic we discuss on our website. But even beyond having the background we seek, you should have an uncanny ability to explain your topic to beginners and experts alike. The goal of Dilesia is to leave a website visitor overjoyed when they finish reading a particular post. We want them to bookmark it for later. We also want them to feel compelled to share it with friends. That’s how good we’d like your writing to be.

Does this sound interesting to you? If it does, please send us an email and with it, include a few things:

– Send us some sources of what you’ve done on the web. Please be specific. We suggest a minimum of three URLs that will lead us to previous work, where you can show off what you’re all about.

– What are your ideas? We’d love to talk about how you might best contribute with regards to your interests. Do you have a method or a structure that you like to follow? Is there something that you absolutely love to talk about? Let us know.

– Have you already written something? If you have a rough draft of what you’d like to see on Dilesia, send it over in plain text. We can go over it together to decide if it’s ready to share with the world.

– How are you with photography? As you surely know, food and cooking can be extremely visual. A post just wouldn’t be a post without accompanying photographs. We’d love to see how you handle a camera while progressing through your demonstration.

Thank you and if you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d love to hear from you!