31 Awesome YouTube Cooking Channels That Will Definitely Make You a Better Cook

How many of us have struggled with making the perfect pasta, impressing our family with our best meat dishes, and trying to understand how fondue baking works? While having a cookbook can help, it can only go as far as helping you out with ingredients and cooking procedure; not, with how you actually make dishes in the kitchen.

We want to help you succeed with your cooking and baking needs, so we are having in this article my favorite YouTube cooking channels that have made us a better cook—and we are sure, so will you.

The following cooking channels are arranged by number of subscribers, from the highest to the lowest. Every channel has its specialty, so the number of subscribers says more about what type of cooking interests more people. Each channel presented here is full of quality and easy-to-follow cooking instructions.

Note: The stats at the time of writing

1. Epic Meal Time

With 7,030,356 subscribers, Epic Meal Time came on top for a reason: guys show their frustrations with fast food, and makes these fast food meals instead. The hosts also have great dramatization skills which makes it interesting to watch their shows. This channel features cooking for big batches, and is best for those who love quick and easy American meals.

At 27,998,445 views, their most viewed video so far is Fast Food Lasagna.

2. My Cupcake Addiction

With 2,860,830 subscribers, My Cupcake Addiction proves that you can be successful being in your own niche. This channel certainly is passionate about desserts! What you’ll love about videos found here are the unique recipes, making complex recipes to simple ones, and the host’s offering of practical advices on how you can achieve more with less time.

At 2,308,769 views, this channel’s video on making a Giant Ice Cream Snickers Candy Bar sure does makes your mouth water.

Check out the video here:

3. How to Cook That

At 2,799,802 subscribers, this channel shows outrageous and out-of-this-world desserts that you can, surprisingly, do at home. The channel is aptly named: really, how do you cook that? The host makes, among other things, Instagram, Mine Craft, and Star Wars cakes.

The host shows very easy-to-follow instructions, and always makes an effort to engage with the viewers. Even beginners can be motivated to bake what the host makes, no matter how outlandish the desserts look.

At 10,802,089 views, one of the many rock stars of this channel is its Instagram Dessert Chocolate Mousse Recipe Cake. We loved it and makes us want to try it soon!

4. Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube

With 2,499,404 subscribers, Jamie Oliver has redefined gourmet cooking and brought it to peoples’ homes. With popular TV cooking shows, it’s a delight to see him show his passion for cooking healthy meals on YouTube. His channel has very nice filmography, he perfects simple dishes, he’s a very energetic host, and he has funny quirks which keeps the show more interesting.

With 4,942,947 views, one of his most viewed videos is on How to Make the Perfect Scrambled Eggs.

5. Laura in The Kitchen

With 2,482,063 subscribers, Laura has brought Italian delight to everyone all around the world. She makes everything so simple, teaches you the basics of cooking, and also focuses on the art of presenting food well. Her niche is on Italian cookery for beginners. She is very motivating and a delight to watch.

With 5,561,042 views, one of Laura’s best videos is on How to Make Homemade Cupcakes from Scratch. This is a great starter video for people baking cupcakes for the first time.

6. Hey! It’s Mosogourmet!!

With 1,668,692 subscribers, this cooking and baking video channel is one of its kind. It’s a sort of pantomime, with no talks, no speeches. Just pure baking, and the focus is on how the recipe is made. It may be a silent film but the videos tell a lot!

Each video really shows you the methods. The recipe is written on the description which is a great way to check out after each video is finished. The channel provides cool, original and unique recipes. To be honest, this is very addicting to watch!

Its most popular recipe is the Bizarre Ice Cream Cupcakes Lemon and Chocolate Mint, now with a staggering 119,386,330 views.

7. Sorted Food

At 1,653,863 subscribers, Sorted Food puts in the fun in cooking. It is hosted by entertaining and fun-loving British guys, and they also provide insights on British culture as they do their market and cooking. The hosts provide funny commentaries on their cooking mistakes, which help beginners know what to avoid. Also, the videos are made with awesome filmography.

Their popular Epic Pizza Grilled Cheese Recipe, which now has 416,957 views, puts the fun into the usual cheese sandwich.

8. Food Wishes

With 1,534,174 subscribers, Food Wishes is one of the best channels for beginners, as the hosts provide very easy-to-follow recipe instructions for everyone. What’s more, the hosts give alternatives for ingredients, putting into mind that viewers are from all over the world.

With 1,237,501 views, the channel’s most popular video is Your First Turkey! East Roast Turkey for Beginners for the Holidays! You will see how the hosts make it simple to roast turkey, but still have all the flavors everyone craves about.

9. Cooking with Dog

At 1,213,490 subscribers, this is a very unique channel with a puppet dog as host. This adds up to the channel being super entertaining. The dog as commentator really does make a difference. The instructions are very clear, with important parts of the recipe written on the video as well. The puppet dog also has funny anecdotes on his experiences with marketing, cooking and tasting the recipes.

One of the channel’s most viewed recipes is the Hiroshima Okonomiyaki Recipe, which currently has 1,120,498 views.

Curious? Look into the video here:

10. Maangchi

With 1,208,601 subscribers, Maangchi opens up the beauty of Korean cuisine to the world. The host is really fun to watch, and she explains how to make Korean dishes the simple way. This is a great way for beginners to learn more about cooking Korean dishes, which are world-known for their long and arduous production processes. All videos also come with captions, making it easy for followers to take note of recipes.

With 2,619,925 views, this channel’s How to Make Gimbap video has taken the world by storm.

11. The Simple Cooking Channel

With 1,201,259 subscribers, this Australia-based cooking channel does put in casual cooking and baking into a different level. Can you imagine making unique “dishes” like bubble gum and gummi bears? The host is very motivational, and provides super interesting recipes that are easy to make.

This channel’s uniqueness is on showing recipes that you did not know you can make at home. 

The channel’s most watched video is How to Make Bubble Gum, now with 14,308,179 views.

12. Nicko’s Kitchen

With 1,107,982 subscribers, Nicko’s Kitchen brings the beauty of going back to cooking basics. He has a whole playlist for cooking basics like on cooking rice, pasta, and mayonnaise among other things. He also does homemade fast food with easy-to-follow recipes that he built on his own.

At 49,853 views, one of his most popular videos is on How to Cook Perfect Rice.

13. Cupcake Jemma

At 794,816 subscribers, this channel is one of those few cooking channels that truly focuses on the food and how it’s made. There’s a very bright and light feeling when watching Jemma’s videos, and also, the filmography is very creative. Recipes are made simpler with easy-to-find local ingredients.

Here is Jemma’s video on How to Make the Best Ever Rainbow Cake, which now has 2,943,407 views.

14. Ochikeron

With 803,280 subscribers, Ochikeron gives a unique take on traditional Japanese food, with its very cute set-up, nice music that is so entertaining, and very cute filmography. What’s nice about this channel is it makes Japanese cooking fun and easy to do at home.

Ochikeron’s most popular video is its Omurice, which the host made into a cute dog-shaped rice ball. This video has now gained 68,061 views.

15. VahChef

With 749,680 subscribers, VahChef brings Indian cooking to everyone’s homes all around the world. The host’s niche is on authentic Indian dishes.

What’s great about this channel’s videos is with the flexibility of ingredients, where suggestions are made for alternatives if local Indian ingredients are unavailable.

The host also explains why some ingredients are cooked in this and that way, which is good for beginners who want to know the science behind cooking.

The channel’s most popular video is its Chicken Biryani Restaurant Style recipe, now with 8,182,758 views.

16. Tastemade

With 679,545 subscribers, Tastemade is unique as it does travel-based cooking. The channel focuses on local recipes, and all videos are interesting to watch if you love to travel. Also, cooking is done against beautiful settings wherever the hosts are in the world.

The channel is popular with its cocktail fusions, and one of these is the Menton Lemon Cocktail now with 101,688 views.

17. Brothers Green Eats

With 536,000 subscribers, Brothers Green Eats focuses on giving thoughtful advice for beginners who never tried or aren’t confident with cooking. Two guys host this channel and they provide funny commentaries as they cook, making the videos interesting. All videos provide a youthful and entertaining feel, making beginners comfortable with cooking.

One of this channel’s most popular video is the Beginners Guide to Cooking- Learn the Basics, which now has 401,389 views. It’s a thorough video, perfect for those dipping into the art of cooking for the first time.

18. One Pot Chef

With 533,853 subscribers, One Pot Chef lives up to its namesake well. The channel’s niche is on providing yummy recipes all cooked or baked in just one pot. The channel gives a nostalgic feel with all the videos’ settings which are all filmed at a country home.

The host uses available ingredients, and gives alternatives based on wherever you are in the world. The host also has a friendly approach to teaching you how to cook.

At 4,687,876 views, this channel’s popular video is the Oven-Baked Mini Omelettes recipe.

19. Tasted

With 403,583 subscribers Tasted provides entertaining and fresh recipes, perfect for those always on the go. All recipes are written on the screen, which makes it easy for the audience to follow. The host also offers practical advices on how to save up on time with cooking.

This channel is perfect for those who always excuse themselves they can’t cook because “they have no time.”

This channel’s popular video is on How to Make Grandma Pizza, now with 51,808 views.

20. Runny Runny 999

With 387,103 subscribers, Runny Runny 999 is a dessert-focused channel that has original and unique recipes, coupled with an entertaining and nice filmography. All desserts are presented in simple easy-to-follow instructions. This channel is a perfect introduction to dessert cooking and baking for beginners.

One of its most popular videos is on How to Make Choco Panna Cotta, now with 1,665,667 views.

21. Manjula’s Kitchen

With 355,074 subscribers, Manjula’s Kitchen takes the beauty of homemade Indian cooking to everybody’s homes. The host has a motherly approach to teaching cooking, which makes you feel relaxed and confident with trying the recipes out. Manjula focuses on authentic Indian recipes. All ingredients are also written on every video, which makes recipes easy to follow.

One of this channel’s popular videos is its Chai (Masala Tea) Recipe, now with 296,052 views.

22. You Suck at Cooking

With 346,324 subscribers, You Suck at Cooking is aptly named because it’s made for beginners who never tried cooking before. Recipes are very easy to follow, and are all modified to be simpler so as not to scare off beginners.

This channel’s most popular video is its Baked Yams with Dill, now with 1,365,752 views.

23. Hilah Cooking

With 333,317 subscribers, Hilah Cooking, provides interesting and easy-to-follow Southern recipes. With Hilah’s niche on Southern cooking, she finds for practical ways for recipes to be less complicated. She also engages with the audience very well, and asks viewers to comment on her channel should they have questions.

At 1,218,837 views, this channel’s most popular recipe is its How to Make Homemade Flour Tortillas.

24. Michael Kory Fitness

With 266,987 subscribers, Michael Kory’s channel is niched around healthy eating and fitness. If you’re into eating fresh, healthy and organic dishes, this is the channel to go. What’s nice with this host is he explains how each ingredient affects your body. He also focuses on putting in more protein in otherwise carbohydrate-rich foods. It’s good to know there are YouTube channels made for healthy eating.

One of this channel’s popular videos is its Protein Fluff, a healthy alternative to icing. Currently it has 25,037 views.

25. MyHarto

With 2,525,161 subscribers, MyHarto is a unique channel where the host drinks alcohol while cooking, and gives out funny commentaries as she gets drunk along the way. What’s good with this channel is the host makes cooking fun and entertaining, and makes sure all recipes are simple that can be done even when—drunk.

With 276,182 views, this channel’s popular video is its Chicken Stir-Fry. The commentaries make the cooking part even more interesting.

26. Chowhound

With 267,766 subscribers, Chowhound has one goal: to show that it’s possible to make awesome desserts with less effort and time. The host has such a comforting voice, and motivates you to try baking too. Recipes are easy to follow, with texts written on the screen as well. This is a good channel for those who want to try baking a wide range of desserts, with instructions made simpler.

This channel’s popular video is on How to Make an Easy Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting, now with 52,135 views.

27. Betty’s Kitchen

With 164,000 subscribers, Betty’s Kitchen takes on a friendly approach with showing beginners how to get started with Southern cooking. The host encourages the audience to use local ingredients, and so she also gives alternatives to ingredients used on the set. She promotes a comforting atmosphere as well.

At 471,920 views, Betty’s Basic Sweet and Sour Sauce is one of its most popular videos.

28. Wantanmien

With 141,118 subscribers, Wantanmien brings Chinese cuisine to the world through this channel. The host niches on preparing authentic Chinese food, and on showing the basics of Chinese cooking. All videos come with English subtitles, and all recipes are made simpler for everyone to get to enjoy Chinese food wherever they are in the world.

One of this channel’s most popular videos is its Puff Pastry Egg Tarts, now with 1,343,683 views.

29. Food Busker

With 111,584 subscribers, Food Busker takes cooking to the streets as it specializes on cooking street foods. The channel has a very casual feel. The host is entertaining and persuasive, able to connect with the audience very well. What’s nice about this channel is with the fusion street food dishes that’s been made simpler for everyone to try at home.

This channel’s popular video is its Lobster Mac ‘n’ Cheese recipe, now with 378,932 views.

30. The J-Wro Show

The J-Wro Show currently has 37,393 subscribers, and this channel niches on vegan and raw dishes. What’s good with the host is he explains each ingredient’s nutritional value, and prepares simple-to-follow dishes. The host promotes a welcoming atmosphere for the audience, and is also motivational with encouraging people to take a healthier lifestyle.

With 3,614 views, this channel’s popular video is its Savory Kimchi Pancakes.

31. Mario Batali

With 28,534 subscribers, Mario Batali brings the joy of Italian cooking. From doing his markets and grocery shopping for ingredients, to the actual cooking, he teaches the audience not only methods in preparing Italian dishes. He also shows the value in buying fresh ingredients, a trademark of Italian cuisine. Mario Batali is a very interesting and entertaining host, too.

With 13,421 views, one of this channel’s most popular video is its Crispy Duck Breast with Lentils.

Wrapping it Up

We hope we've given a good guide on the best cooking channels on YouTube, and we hope you get inspired as much as we were inspired to keep on practicing with the art of cooking. We hope you enjoyed reading the article as much as we enjoyed creating it.

And now what was YOUR favorite cooking channel? Was it one of the ones we selected? Something totally different? What did we miss? Share your favorite videos with us in the comment blow. We would love to hear from you! 🙂

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I was so glad I found this post I have been searching for a long list of youtube cooking channel that will made me a great cook.. When I finally find this guide, I was thinking it will be like the rest but alas, the channels listed here are the best, they give an easy to understand guide and explanatory step to every cooking.. Thanks so much Tiffany xoxo


Thanks, Tiffany.
I love this! I like to cook, but things work best for me when I can see it actually being done so I always go to YouTube to learn how to make tons of stuff. I also use it for the basics on stuff I’m not entirely sure what to do with. The other day I just went and watched a video on how to clean and chop a leek. I’ve heard of a couple of these, I love Tastemade and Jamie Oliver, but I’ve never heard of the rest! I’m definitely going to start following these regularly.


What a great and very comprehensive list of cooking shows on youtube! I’ve just finished a cycle tour across Canada, and I’m looking forward to having access to a kitchen again, so I will definitely have to check out a few of these to brush up on my cooking skills.


Thanks for sharing. I am going to start my blog and this is so inspirational and will greatly help me out ! Keep up the good work Tiffany 🙂


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